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University Place Pharmacist

University Place has a clinical pharmacist onsite 3 days a week providing services for our assisted and independent living residents. Our pharmacists serve as a valuable resource and can:

  • Provide drug knowledge
  • Serve as a liaison between you and your physician
  • Complete a review of all medications you are taking, especially if your care is being overseen by more than one physician
  • Discuss cost-saving alternatives
  • Provide immunizations such as flu, pnuemococcal and shingles virus
  • Recommend over-the-counter drug products
  • Assist you with management of chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension
  • Help guide you to better health

Pharmacist Services Available to Residents

Medication Review and Reconciliation

Patients often receive new medications or have changes made to their existing medications during times of transitions in care—upon hospital admission, transfer from one unit to another during hospitalization, or discharge from the hospital to home or another facility. These transitions are an appropriate time to request a Medication review with our onsite pharmacist. The pharmacist will assess all your current and new prescriptions and provide advice and suggestions.

This helps to ensure accurate information about each of your medications and protects against potential medication interactions and ensures your safety and wellbeing. Medication safety is our highest priority.

Brown-Bag Medication Review

For a brown bag check up, you'll be asked to gather all of your current medications and over-the-counter products into a "brown-bag" and discuss them with our pharmacist so they can look for any potential issues that could occur.

During the "checkup", our pharmacist will review all of the medications and products you are currently taking. The pharmacist can verify these medications for the correct dosage strength and frequency as well as identify if you are using outdated or discontinued medications. He or she can also screen the medications and products for potential duplication of therapy, potential drug interactions and side effects. The pharmacist may ask you to demonstrate how you administer certain medications, for example an inhaler or injection such as insulin, to ensure proper administration technique to deliver full dose of medication.

This provides the opportunity to help us identify, resolve and prevent medication-related problems before they occur.

Our onsite pharmacists offer many benefits:

  • Provide professional, unhurried visits, and medication information that is understandable to you, your family, and caregivers
  • Identify and reduce medicated-related problems, such as side effects and drug interactions
  • Eliminate unnecessary medications
  • Simplify the routine for taking medications
  • Offer ideas for improving medication compliance and maintaining the best health
  • Reduce medication costs
  • Serve as your advocate with your physician to ensure the use of the most appropriate medications
  • Promote wellness and disease prevention
  • Identify untreated problems, such as incontinence and depression

Annual Immunization Clinic

University Place pharmacists offer flu and pneumonia shots at a convenient onsite setting. Medicare will be billed so there is no out-of-pocket cost to our residents.